Mary Kay has lead our firm for over 25 years.  “I came to the firm with no experience in working with CPAs or attorneys.  For many years our firm thrived and grew.  Eventually, I realized we were starting to slowly stagnate some.  We had an extremely talented team working very hard, but our profits did not reflect our effort and commitment.  The traditional practice model was not working.  It took significant soul searching and strength to search out and implement a better model for our firm.”

Mary Kay was instrumental in converting our old practice model into a business. “Identifying and hiring a coach was a turning point in our journey. The process of true change takes strong internal leadership.  As an owner and CEO, I lead my team through the transformation, and it is not an easy task to get an office full of accountants to embrace change.  It takes full support from the entire team to reach the desired results. Communicating the goals and the benefits to the team while daily championing those goals and benefits, was crucial to our success.”  Mary Kay is a unique and valuable part of our team of advisors, understanding the management challenges and operational issues faced by firms working to transform their practice into a thriving business.

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