ATLAS manages the burden of tasks, responsibilities, and challenges in your life.

ATLAS from Greek Mythology symbolizes unwavering strength and reliable support. We strive to provide you with a dependable support system, ensuring that you can confidently navigate your daily demands with ease. Powered by Origin CPA Group, ATLAS is poised to provide resilience and steadfast assistance to support your world.


Your challenges and responsibilities are unique to your life. ATLAS provides support that fits your unique situation. We bear the burden of these tasks to help carry the load effortlessly.


ATLAS serves as your chief of staff and your collaborative partner so that your time becomes yours to spend. We provide multidisciplinary expertise to complete the mundane and challenging obstacles you encounter. Our teams range of skills and experience is second to none.


Multiple silos and responsibilities in your life compete for your energy and resources. Integrating with ATLAS saves you time, the most valuable resource. We champion the professional, legal, financial, and personal decisions that steer your family on a day-today, annual, and lifelong basis bringing cohesion and results into your life.


We build your trust and confidence in our team and our firm. ATLAS is a long-term reliable partner, providing curated services resulting in a better path towards your Peace of Mind. Acknowledging the complexities of your life, we provide careful attention and adaptable responsiveness, ensuring that your journey is met with unwavering support and personalized solutions.

Yes, we work with individuals to stabilize and coordinate their team of professionals and their family’s team of professionals. We integrate and work closely with your wealth managers and attorneys to streamline and simplify your obligations and duties.

Our team has a wide range of expertise. As such, we are able to provide multiple professional services, work with your existing team and/or give a second opinion. Our team includes administrative and organizational support, and experienced Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and Juris Doctors (JDs).

Yes, we offer these services. As a CPA firm, we adhere to strict professional standards. We excel at implementing an internal control system to provide you peace of mind. We have an approval process and monthly reporting to help you stay informed.

Yes, we offer payroll services for our clients and can assist with the screening, hiring, and oversight of household employees. In addition, we can provide guidance on employee benefits if applicable.

We are an established CPA firm with 40+ years of experience. As such, our team provides the full scope of tax and accounting services found at a traditional CPA firm.

Yes, we currently provide trust support services including accounting, distribution calculations and beneficiary reports for our clients. We fully appreciate the legal, tax, and administrative requirements.