Hiring a household employee, such as a nanny or chef, is a big deal. You and your family rely on this individual; it’s imperative you have the right person in the role. But the whole process of hiring—and then managing—this employee can feel like a full-time job. It can add a great deal of responsibility to your plate and even put you at risk for legal troubles if you’re not careful.

Helping our clients avoid the pitfalls associated with hiring and managing household employees is one of the burdens our ATLAS service was designed to carry. Here’s how ATLAS could help you simplify your household employee management.

Streamlining the hiring process

“How many frogs do you have to kiss before you find your prince?” Unfortunately, this phrase can hit a little too close to home if you’re dealing with household employees. It can be hard to find someone who truly is a good fit. You need a professional who has the right qualifications, experience, approach, and, of course, personality.

Vetting and interviewing applicants can take time and even then, it’s difficult to know: Which person is best suited for the role? This is where ATLAS can help. We manage the application and initial interview processes, allowing you to hire from a much smaller qualified pool.

Managing payroll

If you’ve managed payroll before, you know it can be a complicated endeavor. This is why we manage household payroll for our clients, which includes completing the requisite employment tax filings. By taking this to-do off your list, we keep you from having to fulfill this all-consuming role.

Having tough conversations

One of the toughest parts of managing household employees is having those tough yet necessary conversations. These individuals are in your home; it’s easy to develop close relationships. Your household employees may even feel like extended family. This, of course, can make a tough conversation feel even more difficult.

With ATLAS, you can have peace of mind knowing we will take care of the tough conversations for you. Our job is to be the bad guy when necessary, so you never have to stress over it.

We can also serve as an outlet for your employees. If they have issues or comments, they aren’t comfortable sharing directly with you, we can step in as their point of contact. This often allows us to intercept and fix problems that could arise into larger issues if left unaddressed.

Serving as your human resources department

Managing household employees is like managing employees in any business: you’ll need to think about things like bonuses, raises, and performance reviews. ATLAS not only advises on appropriate compensation for your household employees—we can also conduct performance reviews, schedule and keep track of raises and bonuses, and fire employees if needed.

Properly paying your household employees is not just good practice; it can also help you avoid legal troubles.

How could ATLAS carry your burden?

As I mentioned, hiring and managing household employees can be a drain on your time, energy, and even your mental health. It can be stressful—both in the amount of work it requires and emotions it can involve.

If hiring and managing household employees is weighing you down, let ATLAS help you carry the burden. With fewer tasks on your plate, you can fully benefit from the incredible support your household employees provide. To learn more about how ATLAS could support your world, contact us today.