I’m feeling overwhelmed and need someone to assist with my financial and personal affairs. Required job duties include the following:

Know anyone who might be interested?

Yes, securing assistance for the types of tasks listed above would absolutely allow me to worry less and live more. But finding one person—i.e., a personal assistant—who could handle all of these job duties is unlikely if not impossible.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list, working with a family office can make a difference—and can also keep you from adding even more tasks (e.g., managing an employee) to your list.

Could you benefit from working with a family office?

At Origin, we take care of the tasks listed above and more for our clients, allowing them to relax knowing they always have a trusted advisor acting on their behalf. Our team of professionals works together to provide assistance in any way they can to make your life easier.

Instead of finding one person (or 10 people!) to assist you with your financial and personal affairs, you could find one firm—and true peace of mind.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would feel like to write out a to-do list, hand it over to someone, and not have to worry about it again, contact us today.

How could a family office help you worry less and live more? Contact us today to learn more.